Superdreamer Records have graced us with the debut full-length from Ipps, a mix of bedroom¬†pop and boom-bip jangle¬†rock. ¬†Fans of off-kilter songwriters like The Moldy Peaches and Beat Happening will find these lofi Ohioans¬†irresistable. ¬†U Need 2 Bleed¬†sounds like an interpretation of The Ramones’ I Wanna Be¬†Well¬†played by The Vaselines.

Johnny and June. ¬†Thurston and Kim. ¬†Jack and Meg. ¬†And now Bo and Emily. ¬†Husband/wife duos, however messy their potential, can sometimes ignite a powerful magic. ¬†I keep telling my wife to learn the damn drums, but she’s too busy taking care of our kids. ¬†What a lazy wench.

The Details

Released 9/30/14. Pressing of 500.
This is Ipps' first LP and it was recorded and pressed at Musicol.
Ipps is Bo Davis, Emily Davis, Mat Bisaro, and Michael O'Shaughnessey.

Price $14

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