HTRK has been wooing our ears for almost a decade now, finding homes in labels like Blast First and Ghostly International, and despite the tragic death of founding member Sean Stewart, they’ve voyaged on as a duo.  The music here is exactly how you’d picture it with a title like ‘body lotion’…velvety, silky and buttery.  Jonnine Standish’s vocal melts into your pores like a tub of Aveeno, and Nigel Yang’s dreamy downtempo arrangement is sexier than Jonnine lounging in a tub of Aveeno.  Dig the title track below.


You can also grab the 12” on Ghostly International HERE, but it’s a few dollars more.  Shipping costs, though, could even it out, so try both sites and see where you end up.  Either way, you’re paying a premium for the collectible nature of the vinyl, and despite its cost, it’ll still sell out.  HTRK fans are rabid, and their skin is so smooth.  Check out the lovely etching on side 2 of this thing:


The Details

**One-sided 180g pressing w/ etching to rear. Edition of 350 copies only** Jonnine Standish and Nigel Yang aka HTRK return with this highly collectible '12" for the finely-curated Sleeperhold Publications. It's the post-coital tristesse to the tantric ravishment of 'Psychic 9-5 Club', which was arguably one of our most listened to albums in 2014. A near-perfect trio of songs uncurl and laze across the front, from the bittered bass guitar bite and snare spikes rolled around Jonnine's heavy-lidded vocal in 'Sugar', thru the gorgeous, lolling stroke of 'Punch' with its diaphanous synth/guitar plumes, to the pensile gothic ambience and shivering drum machine of 'Body Lotion' proper. A total must-have, no messing.

Price $21.1

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