I just stumbled across this artist. I could have sworn it was the guy from War on Drugs. It seems it’s not, but the music is really really great and for all fans of War on Drugs I suggest taking a spin of this album.

Great melodies mixed with a solid ambient bedroom sound gives this some real staying power.

The Details

secret furry hole is one of the reasons that his clancyness exists, years back i was unsure of what direction to take, i had a bunch of songs in my hands and that first cassette release was like a commitment to record and keep going. i'm really happy that they are a part of this re-release of always mist. nothing has been touched on these songs, just better mastering. it's a good feeling to finally have these babies properly out.

always mist was recorded between march 2009 and january 2010 at clancy residence, it initially came out on cassette for mirror universe tapes and it is here contained on side A. side B is a collection of songs that date between 2009 and 2011 that have been floating around all over the place and now finally have a home. they were all recorded at clancy residence.

all songs written, played and recorded by jonathan clancy except can’t hear my eyes written by ariel pink, memories are made of this written by terry gilkyson, richard dehr and frank miller, how it’s done in italy written by my bubba & mi. thanks to the hc band, paulp and jb, giulia, luca, secret furry hole and you. thanks for waiting" ––

Price $32

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