Philadelphia’s Hidden Gem Records has assembled a solid collection of songs from nine indie acts for the label’s first compilation album. Songs from Young Pharaohs, the Skating Party, Roman Ruins, Moon Pollen, the Death of Pop, Night Panther, and The Arctic Flow are all exclusive vinyl releases. Personal favorite Tape Waves (who released the excellent Let You Go last year) are also included. Fittingly named Colorwheel Compilation, it’s pressed on 150 gram random-colored wax so whatever color you get will be unique. Partial album available below for sampling –

The Details

HG010 - Colorwheel Compilation 12" LP

33 1/3 rpm
150 gram Vinyl

Random Colors

Hidden Gem Records presents our very first full length "Vinyl Compilation"

Track Listing

1. TEEEL - You're Mine (Synth Records
2. the Death of Pop - What a Day (Art is Hard)
3. Young Pharaohs - Truth and Fiction (Chill Mega Chill)
4. Tape Waves - Wherever I Go (Bleeding Gold)
5. the Skating Party - Swimmer (Hidden Gem)
6. Night Panther - Desire
7. the Arctic Flow - Without Her (Dufflecoat)
8. Moon Pollen - Shine (Synth Records)
9. Roman Ruins - Bedposts (Gold Robot)

Price $15

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