Asthmatic Kitty.  Destroyer of wallets.

Roberto Lange could easily open for Twin Shadow and win over every person in attendance.  I Krill You, the first single off the record, sounds like it could have been a b-side to Twin Shadow’s next release, but he adds his own distinct voice here, adding perfectly-placed little synth blips and drum tats.  Similar to Twin Shadow, Lange’s voice is his strongest instrument, double-tracking a low octave with a soft falsetto to show off his wide range.

If that’s not enough to send you into a spending frenzy, he’s giving you record collectors a real treat.  Only 100 copies will be hand-made by Helado Negro with a special photograph placed on the front.  Other ‘special bonus items’ will also be tucked away inside.  Sweet moses, how many can I buy??

There is also a limited blue vinyl option without the hand-made production for $4 less.

The Details

VIP Limited Edition (qty. 100) hand-made by Roberto Negro (black vinyl).
Photographic print adhered to the front of the LP with screen printed back of album titles and credits.
Special bonus handmade items tucked away inside.

Price $18

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