RIYL: GIles Corey, Black Wing, Planning For Burial

Label: Flenser Records

It’s been over 5 years since we’ve heard from the Sovereigns of Sorrow we know as Have A Nice Life, the darkened experimental rock project from Dan Barrett and Tim Macuga.¬† Masters of the jet black dirge, Have A Nice Life wield soul-charring ambient drone with unworldly guitar noise and acoustic folk music, a progressive offshoot from their goth-influenced forefathers like Christian Death.¬† Remarkably, despite their depressive outlook and aesthetic, their music is quite cathartic. Since their monumental debut Deathconsciousness in 2008, they’ve amassed a significant cult following.¬† Their releases sell out quick, their reissues sell out quicker.¬† Sea of Worry, their long-awaited third full-length, will undoubtedly follow suit.

The album drops on Tuesday, August 27th, at 9:00 AM EST. Check out the wide array of color options in the details section.¬† The price hasn’t been announced, so ignore the $25.¬† UK buyers can buy the album from Deathwish HERE.¬† They’ll also be selling the vinyl on their Bandcamp HERE.¬† Watch the teaser and listen to the first available track below and set your alarms for tomorrow morning.


The Details

Pre-orders for Have a Nice Life's new album "Sea of Worry" open tomorrow August 27th at 9am ET

200 Units: Bone colored vinyl with Red, Blue and Yellow splatter in a silk screen jacket (Series one members only).
400 Units Color-In-Color: Aqua blue inside of coke bottle. (European exclusive)
400 Milky Clear with lots of White Splatter
500 Milky Clear with Black Splatter
500 Coke Gottle Green with Black Splatter
1000 Gold vinyl
1000 black vinyl

Price $25

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