Not sure how we missed this one in 2013, but Happy Body Slow Brain is a band fronted by Matthew Fazzi, an ex guitarist/back up vocalist of Taking Back Sunday who has released their excellent debut in a highly innovative, thick PVC water/glitter filled gatefold holding very limited edition colored vinyl records. The sound of the band eschews the traditional “emo”, imbuing the traditional fast guitar attack with a more melodic, dreamy multi instrumental approach. The result is an engaging record that can be appreciated by anyone, TBS fan or not.

Released in 150 A Side/ B Side: Cyan Blue & Solid White w/ Aqua Blue Splatter &  150 A Side/ B Side: Grimace Purple & Sea Blue w/ Coke-Bottle Green Splatter, 45RPM 2xLP with a custom heavy PVC gatefold filled with blue liquid and sparkles.

The Details

shortly after announcing the facing new york vinyl, i started talking to matt from happy body slow brain about releasing dreams of water on vinyl, but we knew the packaging would have to be something extra special. if we could get hot with the matchbook vinyl, i was dead set on finding a way to get wet with dreams of water!

after a lot of research we were able to create the wax underwater package, a custom pvc gatefold jacket that's filled with blue liquid and sparkles. inside, each cover has a built-in pocket that holds both 12" vinyls, cut at 45 RPM and available in two color variants

Price $20

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