It’s always rough when one of your favorite bands breaks up or takes hiatuses or goes on an extended vacation to India to visit the Maharishi.  The Walkmen are one of my favorite groups, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that sentiment here at SlyVinyl Headquarters.

But alas…when a band comprised of talented musicians calls it quits, those musicians splinter off and make solo albums.  Sometimes, those solo albums suck hard, but I have high hopes for Hamilton Leithauser’s debut, and the track below is a great teaser of what’s to come.



The Details

The limited edition deluxe double LP (pictured above) comes on two 180gram heavyweight vinyl records featuring a bonus 4 track EP. Each vinyl is packaged in a printed card stock sleeve with a deluxe art booklet housed in a widespine LP jacket. MP3 download card included.

Price $20

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