It’s always rough when one of your favorite bands breaks up or takes hiatuses or goes on an extended vacation to India to visit the Maharishi. ┬áThe Walkmen are one of my favorite groups, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that sentiment here at SlyVinyl Headquarters.

But alas…when a band comprised of talented musicians calls it quits, those musicians splinter off and make solo albums. ┬áSometimes, those solo albums suck hard,┬ábut I have high hopes for Hamilton Leithauser’s debut, and the track below is a great teaser of what’s to come.



The Details

The limited edition deluxe double LP (pictured above) comes on two 180gram heavyweight vinyl records featuring a bonus 4 track EP. Each vinyl is packaged in a printed card stock sleeve with a deluxe art booklet housed in a widespine LP jacket. MP3 download card included.

Price $20

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