Erin Birgy, the indie popstress behind the charming pack of Seattle weirdos known as Gone Banana, is back with 9 eclectic grade-A cuts to soothe your sophisticated palettes.  Their first single, Year of Patience, starts us out on a lazy river melody, but just as you prop your feet up to relax, a saxophone kickstarts the rhythm like a an adrenaline shot through your breastplate.

Similar to the exceptional debut from Posse this year, there are some 90s-tinged influences hanging out in the production. ¬†I can hear some of the¬†early tweeful Belle and Sebastian tracks led by Isobell Campbell, a dash of Kim Deal’s softer side of The Breeders, and that perfect lofi guitar jangle a la Silver Jews and Grandaddy.

If you order the album through Couple Skate Records, they’ll toss in a Gone Banana lapel pin. ¬†Like coffee and cigarettes, potassium and rock &¬†roll have always been a perfect combination.

The Details

Representing a unique moment in Birgy‚Äôs songwriting and a budding maturation for a bouncy community of oddball pop addicts, ‚ÄėGone Banana‚Äô is an immersive listening experience and a peek into the life of a truly strange soul.

Limited edition copies are pressed yellow vinyl and come with a special ‚ÄėGone Banana‚Äô lapel pin!

Price $15

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