Like many of you lovely listeners, I fell in love with Gardens & Villa within 5 seconds of the pulsating synth line from the first track Black Hills on their debut album in 2011.  One part electro a la Fischerspooner and one part Beatles-esque harmonies and innovative chord progressions.  As we all figured they would, Gardens & Villa quickly became crossover darlings, and their driving, moody numbers are enjoyed equally by indie rock head-nodders and electronic hip-shakers alike.

Newest track Fixations takes the fork in the road towards sunny pop and harmony reverb, just in time for your backyard barbecues and competitive softball leagues this summer.  Check it out below and get yourself the clear vinyl bundle after the ‘buy’ link.  It comes with a zine and playing cards!  Ante up or shut up.

The Details

Album on CD and limited edition clear vinyl LP

'Music For Dogs' zine

Pack of Music For Dogs' 'Bleak Strategies' playing cards

Digital download code for "Fixations" redeemable immediately

Digital download code for the album (as a .zip file containing 320kbps mp3s), redeemable on August 7th, 2 weeks before release date

Price $22.99

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