UPDATE (5/5/13): Insound has made available a preorder for this album on their website and is available HERE for $24+shipping. Although, it doesn’t state anything about it being a RSD release or having the print. The price is a lot cheaper though if all you’re looking for is the record. Very possible this could be the exact same release though!! — Thanks to Brandon Cartwright!!

The Scottish trio, Frightened Rabbit, put out a unique reissue for RSD this year which sees their sophomore album, Midnight Organ Fight, bundled with Quietly Now (the acoustic versions). From Scott Hutchison’s soulful, emotive songwriting to Grant Hutchison’s fierce drumming — this album has gained strong acclaim since it’s release. This is the first time Midnight Organ Fight has been made available since it’s initial press in 2008 and the first time ever on vinyl for Quietly Now.

Your copy will come with one of four limited edition 12″x12″ prints which are individually numbered and shrinked to the LP; an alternate artwork type thing.

Being a double LP from the UK, it’s a bit pricy for those of us in the US. For you UK readers, go get it! But even for US readers, this thing is certainly going up on the resale market exorbitantly — with shipping to the US you’re looking at roughly $50~. Ya, it hurts!!

Anyway, scratch getting this on eBay and support a record store!!

The Details

Limited edition Record Store Day double LP (plus MP3 download) reissue of Scottish indie-rockers Frightened Rabbit's second album, now bundled with the acoustic versions (Quietly Now). Comes with four limited 12 x 12 prints featuring artwork from the band's Scott Hutchinson. Every print is individually numbered and shrinked to the LPs.

Frightened Rabbit
The Midnight Organ Fight / Quietly Now LP (FATLP70XLTD)
Worldwide - Limited to 1000 copies on double heavyweight vinyl

2013 saw Frightened Rabbit achieve breakthrough success with their major label debut Pedestrian Verse, but newer fans may not be aware of what many critics hailed as their first great album, 2008’s The Midnight Organ Fight.
Released here on double vinyl alongside Quietly Now, a live acoustic version of the album recorded in a tiny pub in Glasgow, The Midnight Organ Fight was an instant classic, received with near universal acclaim.
This is the first time The Midnight Organ Fight has been available on vinyl in the US, and the first time Quietly Now has available on vinyl anywhere. Each album will also include one of four limited edition 12" art prints.

Price $35

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