Fog Lake’s, “Victoria Park” is pure laid back, chiller lo-fi rock. I don’t know, the album kind of moves more like a film score for something along the same motif as the would be prequels of Garden State or Wicker Park, or something along those comedy-dramas . I think what I’m most drawn to is the singer-songwriter aesthetic backed by a wall of experimental soundscapes. I can’t help but take a goddamn trip into memory lane when listening to this album.

FFO: Broken Social Scene, Deerhunter, Ambulance LTD, Foxes in Fiction, Elvis Depressedly, Alex G, Karen O

The Details


Ships close to the end of June.
Limited to 115 white cassette tapes.

1. Renegade
2. Andy
3. Shanty Town
4. Antidote
5. Victoria Park
6. Running Out Fast
7. No Innocents (Bad Moon)
8. Autumn 1998
9. Disposable Comatose
10. Bury My Dead Horses
11. Midnight Cross
12. Dog Years

• Cassette tape
• Logo-stamped tea bag
• Guava candy
• Orchid Tapes sticker
• Hand-written thankyou note


Price $7.5

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