RIYL: The Breeders, Throwing Muses, Helium

Label: OIM Records

“In 2015 I had an allergy to penicillin and my liver failed. 
I spent months in the hospital floating above my body on a dilaudid drip. These songs were written & recorded by Chris, Tyler, Tony & I around this time. They are the soundtrack to my toxic morphine haze.” 
-Sivan Lioncub

It appears that quite a bit has happened since Oakland indie rock 4-piece Everyone is Dirty released their debut Dying is Fun in 2014.  Dilaudid, for one.  Sonically and lyrically, a drug like that can change the DNA of a band, but Everyone is Dirty’s ethos still sounds perfectly intact.  That ‘slacker stoner’ art rock vibe perfected from Gen X-ers in the ’90s reverberates through the layers of lead-off track San Andreas, but there’s a hell of a lot more in there to notice upon repeated listens.  Those heavenly harmonies towards the end of the song will warm your eardrums faster than a morphine drip ever could, and their use of synths and violins defy genres.  Looking forward to hearing the rest!

Grab the ‘pink and black blob’ wax variant from OIM Records after the ‘buy’ link and listen to San Andreas below.

The Details

12" vinyl version of the new Everyone Is Dirty LP 'My Neon's Dead'. Pressed on pink & black vinyl and includes an illustrated lyrics book by Bay Area artist Lauren YS.
Item ships out on or around October 1, 2017.
Edition of 250.

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Price $25

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