Yet another brilliant release from Double Double WhammyO.K. is Gabrielle Smith’s latest record under the Eskimeaux moniker. “Broken Necks”, a single off the LP, sounds as if a band comprised of Frankie CosmosRicky Eat Acid and some Posh Isolation group wrote it. This release is more than worth your time. At least give “Broken Necks” a try…If you want to listen to some of Eskimeaux’s early stuff, check out her Bandcamp!

The Details


Eskimeaux is the recording project of songwriter and producer Gabrielle Smith. Smith started using the moniker in 2007, releasing experimental and noise albums through 2010, and developing the sound over the years into the realm of more structured songwriting (2011's Two Mountains), EDM (2012's Eskimeaux), and more recently, as evident in her new album, O.K., beat-driven and poetic bedroom pop. Eskimeaux is a founding member of The Epoch, a Brooklyn-based songwriting and art collective.

Pressing Info:
250 Cloudy w/ Blue Splatter Vinyl
250 Blue w/ Yellow Splatter Vinyl
500 Black Vinyl
1000 CDs

Track Listing:
1. Folly
2. Broken Necks
3. I Admit I'm Scared
4. The Thunder Answered Back
5. Pocket Full Of Posies
6. Sparrow
7. Alone At The Party
8. Thanks
9. A Hug Too Long
10. Everything You Love
11. That's OK

'O.K.' is coming May 12th, 2015 worldwide via DDW.

Price $12

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