Note: it seems only the signature is limited, not the vinyl itself.

I have bad news and good news and then more bad news.

First the good news, The Editors have gone back to rock and left that synth sound behind (so it seems from the first single) I’m a big fan of Editors, but that last album was painful, sorry guys.

Bad news # 1 – This first single doesn’t come close to bringing the heat & spine chilling awesomeness as the first time I heard “The Racing Rats”. It sounds somewhat commercial & safe to me. Which coming from a band that I saw at Red Rocks in 2007 play one of the most energetic shows I’ve ever seen, makes the song disappointing.

Bad news #2 – Shipping will destroy you if you want this and live in the USA. It’ll be close to $50 by the time you’re done. I mean granted that’s still only a 1/5 the gatsby soundtrack butttt yeah it’s a lot.

I really want to go back to the time when Editors were easily in my top 5 bands, but I’m not sure this will do it. Anyone else? Am I being too harsh, am I a sad panda?


The Details

The Weight Of Your Love (Vinyl LP + Print: First 250 signed)
180 Gram Double Vinyl. Comes with exclusive print, the first 250 copies will come signed by the band. Released 1st July. The Vinyl also come with a CD of the album.

Side A
The Weight
A Ton Of Love

Side B
What Is This Thing Called Love

Side C
Two Hearted Spider

Side D
The Phone Book
Bird Of Prey

Price $34

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