Similar to all of your favorite rock-influenced duos, the Berlin-based DYN have a solid cosmic connection with each other.  Their version of rock and roll is sparse and dark, and there’s a bedroom recording aesthetic here that will resonate with fans of Dirty Beaches, Galaxie 500 and even some of Jandek’s more psychedelic experiments.  Fused into their foundation is a unique blend of blues, psychedelic and folk music, making for an eclectic and oft-surprising listen.  If this is the sound of Germans singing the blues, I want more.

The white vinyl is super rare and fleeting fast, but you’re going to have to pay the piper a bit extra to ship it over the pond.  As always, though, it’ll be well worth it once you drop the needle on this slab of indie rock purity.  Listen to the album in its entirety below.

The Details

Recorded live and mixed by Fabien Leseure at 'a' recordings studio, Berlin.
Limited Edition White 12" Vinyl.
Only 100 available.

Thanks to Blaniel Doomfield for the tip!

Price $22

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