RIYL: Bedhead, Red House Painters, Codeine

Label: Numero Group

Often labeled as “your favorite indie band’s favorite indie band”, Duster is not an easy band to define.  A fan once described them “as if the heater is on, but I can’t feel it”.  Whether you heard Stratosphere playing in a CD Warehouse in 1998 or randomly clicked a Youtube link of theirs decades later, their striking singularity compelled you to stop what you were doing and listen.  Duster helped steer indie rock into new landscapes before the world was ready.  Similar to The Velvet Underground, Duster’s influence wasn’t seen above the surface while they were active, but they inspired countless bands and music labels that came after, bleeding into the fringe of indie rock as it shifted into a more established medium in the early aughts.  Absolutely 100% essential listening.  A brand new generation of listeners has rediscovered the band in recent years and, in response, reignited an interest in the music press.

Here’s the bad news.  While I was frantically trying to write this up earlier today, the colored vinyl edition sold out.  The good news, though, is that the black vinyl, which is also limited, is still available.  Even if there were 10,000 of these made, you’re getting both of their studio albums, their early EPs and 7″s and a collection of unreleased music…all for $55.  That equates to $13.75 per LP.  If you’re a big Duster fan, today’s a day for rejoicing.  If Duster never floated into your radar, here’s your second chance.  Listen to the music below and grab the set after the ‘buy’ link.




The Details

Mastered from a mix of crusty cassettes, decaying DATs, and warbly analog tape,
Capsule Losing Contact is housed in a rusted slipcase with all four albums secured in heavy weight tip-on jackets. An accompanying lyric book guides the listener through Duster’s lo-fi worldview, adorned with the last gasps of an expired golden age as captured on Polaroid and disposable Kodak cameras.

Thanks to Brian Brito for the tip!

Price $55

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