Innocent sounding lo-fi indie rock is what you’ll get when you listen to Dump. Dump is Yo La Tengo bassist James McNew’s little known side-project, and it’s been around for quite a while now – twenty years to be exact, if you want to just go off when Dump’s debut, Superpowerless, came out. Dump is different to Yo La Tengo, however, in the fact that McNew seems to keep it to one formula and doesn’t try to experiment too much. I’d actually consider Dump much more approachable than Yo La Tengo. Of course, that’s just me. This certain item, sadly, is quite expensive. Over $80 after the Euro to USD conversion rate, and that’s not including shipping costs. If you really love what you hear within Dump’s material, I say go for it – especially because the amount that’s been printed isn’t specified on the site. With it, you also get a limited edition and numbered silk-screen poster with the artwork by James McNew himself. Listen to Superpowerless below on Spotify. Cheers!

The Details

Limited and numbered Deluxe Silk-Screen printed Vinyl Box-Set including "Superpowerless" 2LP and "I Can Hear Music" 3LP (Both Vinyl Versions in Heavy Cardboard Gatefold Cover & Printed Inner Sleeves, incl. Download Code) and a limited and numbered Silk-Screened Poster with Artwork by James McNew.

Some people complain that friends today are made with mouse-clicks. As if it was more personal in the 90s. James McNew for example became a good friend of mine in 1994. Never mind I hadn’t even talked to the guy - hell, he covered Jandek AND the Silver Apples. We had so much in common!
James McNew is a fan boy. If the name-drop-list ranging from Albert Ayler to Young Marble Giants included with his first 45 didnt tell you that, the blazing in his eyes when a name like the Shaggs was uttered, certainly did. Yet McNew is not obsessed with obscurity but with music.
When his debut album „Superpowerless“ appeared in 1993, the choice of covers ranged from Sun Ra to that tune Audrey Hepburn serenaded to millions of movie watchers, „Moon River“. While McNews high, sexy voice might be „superpowerless“, his ears certainly are not. It’s been the intimate sound of a 4-track-recorder that tied these different angles of his eclectic taste together.
Yes, Dump was part of the Lo-Fi-generation. Nothing makes that clearer than the bonus tracks to his follow-up album „I Can Hear Music“. Recorded during the infamous dutch Fast Forward Festival in 1994 in – naturally – a living room, it contains all that was great about the few short moons of tape-hiss: colaborations triggered not even remotely by virtuosity (had Chris Knox ever played trumpet before that afternoon?); cardboard boxes as bass-drums; the victory of enthusiasm over perfection (have Half Japanese been covered with more emphaty?); Barbara Manning.
The only thing that wasnt quite right about these first two Dump albums, was the format. But as justice doesn’t know age, it’s good to see these CDs finally being pressed on vinyl! They deserve it. After all, James is a friend. Did I mention he’s playing bass in Yo La Tengo?
Gregor Kessler, Hamburg, December 2012

Price $83.82

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