Dum Dum Girls have come along way since Hozac Records released 2010’s triumphant “I Will Be”.  The Dum Dum’s relationship with Hozac made a lot of sense back then, as the label specializes in producing delicious, sweaty lo-fi garage licks.  Slowly but surely, the girls began to transform into a more polished group, signing with Sub Pop and playing with different rhythms and instruments.  This new track has a sexy Sneaker Pimps vibe.  I, for one, dig both styles, and can’t wait to hear the entirety of this new one.  Groups that aren’t comfortable being comfortable tend to last longer than their peers, and I hope that’s true for these ladies.

As is the case with the majority of Sub Pop’s ‘Loser Edition’ releases, these won’t sell out immediately. You can take a breath and think about it for a while before you purchase, but it’s so damn cheap…why the hell not?

The Details

Customers who pre-order the LP version will receive the limited “Loser Edition” colored vinyl.

You’ll also receive a bonus 7" featuring the album track “Rimbaud Eyes” as the a-side and the unreleased track “Girls Intuition” as the b-side with all copies of the LP or CD versions of Too True.

All pre-order exclusives and extras are on a first come, first served basis and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Order now to secure all limited-edition items!

Price $15

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