RIYL: Pony Time, White Mystery

Label: Hardly Art

Seattle trio Dude York are serving up another keg of heavy pop for your parched ear cavities.  Their 2014 debut Dehumanize on Help Yourself Records solidified their place in the indie pop world, and Hardly Art Records has taken over the reigns for a more polished sophomore effort.  Our first taste of the Sincerely LP is Black Jack, an addicting glittery riffer from the school of Rivers Cuomo with enough sugar overload to keep that smile frozen on your face for the long haul.  Lyrically, the band is tackling harder issues like anxiety and declining mental health, but this ain’t a buzzkill rekkid.  Dude York belongs on your record shelf right next to your Thin Lizzy albums.

The first pressing will be on colored wax, and while there’s no word on the quantity, I don’t imagine there’s more than 1000 of these.  Probably less.

The Details

First LP pressing on colored vinyl
All preorders will ship on or around release day
LPs and CDs include a digital album download (available on release day)
All digital downloads include a bonus track (“John Darnielle”)

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Price $15

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