RIYL: Pony Time, White Mystery

Label: Hardly Art

Seattle trio Dude York are serving up another keg of heavy pop for your parched ear cavities. ¬†Their 2014 debut Dehumanize on Help Yourself Records solidified their place in the indie pop world, and Hardly Art Records has taken over¬†the reigns for a more polished sophomore effort. ¬†Our first taste of the Sincerely LP is Black Jack, an addicting glittery¬†riffer from the school of Rivers Cuomo with enough sugar overload to keep¬†that smile frozen on your face for the long haul. ¬†Lyrically, the band is tackling harder issues like anxiety and declining mental health, but this¬†ain’t a buzzkill rekkid. ¬†Dude York belongs on your record shelf right next to your Thin Lizzy albums.

The first pressing will be on colored wax, and while there’s no word on the quantity, I don’t imagine there’s more than 1000 of these. ¬†Probably less.

The Details

First LP pressing on colored vinyl
All preorders will ship on or around release day
LPs and CDs include a digital album download (available on release day)
All digital downloads include a bonus track (‚ÄúJohn Darnielle‚ÄĚ)

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Price $15

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