Your assumptions are all correct.  It will be one of the best albums of the year.  It will sell out way f-ing quick.  And despite its hefty price tag and despite having already blown your Christmas bonus money on an XBOX One just so you could buy Fallout 4, you will still buy this.

For the one or two of you unaware of DIIV, they’re a hazy dreamgaze outfit who made waves with their insta-classic 2012 release Oshin.  In the years after, frontman Zachary Cole made non-music headlines with some battles with addiction and a ‘Kurt and Courtney’ style romance with Sky Ferreira.  Despite the tabloids, Cole’s talent out-shined his personal life, and Is The Is Are promises to deliver their signature heavenly noise while dealing with issues of alienation, depression and loss.  It’s gonna be a good one, and you need it.

As is the norm with limited Captured Tracks product, the cover will most likely be different than the regular release and the color of the vinyl will be colored.  They’ll probably throw in some cool treats in the mix too.  Who knows and who cares?  It’s DIIV.  Go buy the thing.

The Details

This item is a pre-order. We expect it to ship to arrive on the album's release date of February 5th, 2016.
The Special Edition 2xLP is limited and it's packaging and vinyl color will be unveiled at a later date. :) (We promise it's cool.)

Price $30

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