Dan is on fire. This album sounds like it might be a little less “sexy-time” as Kaputt was. I personally loved Kaputt, but I probably loved Rubies more… it’s a toss up. Anyways this first single really reminds me of 3000 Flowers in it’s upbeat energy that lifts you out of whatever normal day you’re having into an amazing one.

This was the kind of release i bought even before posting it up. You need this, you already know that, but do you buy it with the bonus LP or not? I did, i mean you only live once right?

The Details

LP on limited edition clear vinyl, while supplies last. LP includes a coupon for a full download. Preorders will ship to arrive on or around the release date of August 28.

LP + 12-inch Bundle consists of Destroyer's new full-length, Poison Season, and a two-song 12-inch that includes a remix of album track “Forces From Above” and the orchestral version of “Times Square, Poison Season".

Price $24

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