Castigadas en el Granero, translated to English, means “Punished in the Barn”.  Four girls from Madrid have somehow made that sinister phrase sound inexplicably fun.  If Kathleen Hanna ditched the riot grrl scene and fronted The Shaggs instead, you’d have a band like DEERS.  It’s playful, but it’s rough enough to damage your eardrums.

Mom+Pop will be releasing this in the U.S., but as of right now, you can only preorder it through Lucky Number Music.  If you’re in the states, you may want to hold off until we can find a link to the domestic preorder…which should hopefully be soon.

The Details

Item ships out on or around 10 November 2014
Edition of 500

1. Castigadas En El Granero
2. Between Cans

BARN was recorded by Nicolas Mühe at a Rubber-Tracks studio in Berlin.
BARN was mixed by Diego García (The Parrots)


Price $8

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