And this catches me up! This release is another one from the masterful Polyvinyl Records and this has literally been a year in the making. Deerhoof’s Japanese label Felicity wanted to film one of their concerts during a thirteen day stop in Japan last year because they were thinking, and I quote the band’s synopsis on this, “legendary band makes classic live-in-Japan concert album.” However, as with most of Polyvinyl Records‘ heavy hitters always on an intense touring schedule, this affair was seemingly forgotten about until now. As the record was being assembled, Deerhoof took to their Facebook page to ask people for manga-style drawings of the band members to be put inside the album – that is why it pays to be on social media, kids. This is a live album, indeed, but if this is your first time giving Deerhoof a look I wouldn’t say this is a bad place to start. Listen to the album below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

12 songs, drawn from across Deerhoof's catalog, appear on the red-vinyl LP, CD, and accompanying video download. The gatefold sleeve features a collage of manga drawings by particularly rabid Deerhoof fans.

Deerhoof has made their live album, though they didn't plan on it. Their Japanese label Felicity organized the recording and filming of one stop on their 13-day Japan tour in December. But while the label execs were thinking "legendary band makes classic live-in-Japan concert album," Deerhoof had more tours to do and promptly forgot about it.

When a rough cut of the video appeared in their inboxes a couple months later, they were surprised by what they saw. They'd never seen a video of themselves that really reminded them of what it felt like to play the concert. Their long-time friend Noriko Oishi, who did the edit, was able to simulate the fast-paced communication that's constantly zipping between Satomi, John, Ed and Greg when they're onstage, and she seemed to instinctively zero in all the right moments.

For Greg, who'd been mixing a lot of live Deerhoof to provide "official" audio for various Youtube users posting shows, getting the sound right for the album was a breeze. Just "tell it like it is." Ed had the brainstorm of asking Deerhoof's followers on social media to make manga drawings of the band, to be used in a huge collage. The Japanese label knew they had the classic live-in-Japan album they'd hoped for. Once Deerhoof's U.S. label Polyvinyl saw the video, they knew it was one for the ages and wanted in for their own LP version.

In his Talkhouse review, Spencer Tweedy said it best: "Deerhoof was able to turn me into a shit-grinning, foul-mouthed hard rock fan before the first chorus of the record even started...It’s wound so tight, so energetic, that it sounds like a miracle that it doesn’t snap at any moment...If you ever forget why it is you like to play music, Deerhoof is there to remind you."

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