Damn this new Damien sounds amazing. I saw him play last year and he came out and let the crowd know it wasn’t going to be like they usually see. He said “I’m tired of playing sad shit and being sad, let’s rock” and then brought a completely different sound to the stage. This album sounds like it’ll be the culmination of that new direction, and it sounds awesome!

Listen to the album preview below.

Also check the Deluxe LP comes with a bonus album on wax that has Damien and an all-female choir. Yeahhhh I’m gonna need to hear that.

The Details

Damien Jurado will return early next year with a brand new album. On January 21, the Seattle-reared singer-songwriter will release Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son, his 11th full-length, through Secretly Canadian. The upcoming effort reunites the tunesmith with producer Richard Swift, who helmed Jurado's previous LP, 2012's Maraqopa.
"My last record was based on a dream I had about a guy who disappears," Jurado says in the below trailer for Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son. "He leaves the house with no form of identification or anything and he decides he just wants to disappear. This new record is sort of a sequel to Maraqopa... it is about a guy who disappears on a search, if you will, for himself and never goes home."
Influenced by reggae in spirit, and dub music in texture, the 10-track album promises "a universe unto its own, with its own symbolism, creation myth, and liturgy," according to Father John Misty, who has kindly written a lengthy essay about the record.
"Damien Jurado is every character in every Damien Jurado song," Misty writes. "He is the gun, the purple anteater, the paper wings, the avalanche, the air show disaster, Ohio, the ghost of his best friend's wife... You might go as far as to call it a religion, and your religion is a character in his religion."
For a better idea as to what Father John Misty is talking about, read his entire piece below, where you'll also find Jurado's forthcoming tour dates, along with the full track list to Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son. And to catch Jurado and Swift air-drumming in the studio (no joke), be sure to watch the below six-minute teaser, filmed by Dan Huiting.
Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son track list:
1. "Magic Number"
2. "Silver Timothy"
3. "Return to Maraqopa"
4. "Metallic Cloud"
5. "Jericho Road"
6. "Silver Donna"
7. "Silver Malcolm"
8. "Silver Katherine"
9. "Silver Joy"
10. "Suns In Our Mind"

PreOrder Here. Both Regular Edition 1XLP and Deluxe 2XLP (includes the bonus album, "Sisters"; which features alternate takes and exclusive songs of Damien Jurado performing with an all-female choir.)

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