Copeland, from Lakeland, FL, is a band that has been held in high regard with each and every piece of music they’ve put out. Each and every record is sought after on vinyl with the demand far exceeding the supply. Released in 2005, but not on vinyl until 2010, In Motion was put out on a handful of variants. Each version of this record sold quickly and now goes for some exorbitant prices on secondary markets. But don’t fret! This record has just been given the repress treatment on three different variants – 2 of which are limited – and is available for pre order now! If this is of interest, be sure to snag it while you can!!

The Details

Copeland - In Motion LP

Price: $21.99
Release Date: August 19, 2014
Expected release date is 19th Aug 2014
Record Label: srcvinyl
Gift Wrapping: Options available
Availability: Pre Order

In Motion is the second full length release from Lakeland, Florida's Copeland. Giving Copeland "In Motion" the full SRCvinyl treatment it was mastered for vinyl and lacquers created by by Stan Ricker then pressed on 180 gram vinyl. The album art will be displayed to its full capacity throughout a matte with spot UV gatefold jacket and accompanied by an 11 x 22 insert.

Vinyl Details:
- Single 180 Gram Vinyl
- Mastered for vinyl and lacquers created by Stan Ricker
- Matte with Spot UV Gatefold jacket, 11 x 22 Insert

Vinyl Color:
- 180 Gram White (LTD 750)
- 180 Gram Coke Bottle Clear (LTD 1,500)
- 180 Gram Black

Track Listing

A1 No One Really Wins
A2 Choose The One Who Loves You More
A3 Pin Your Wings
A4 Sleep
A5 Kite

B1 Don't Slow Down
B2 Love Is A Fast Song
B3 You Have My Attention
B4 You Love To Sing
B5 Hold Nothing Back

Price $21.99

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