We’ve all asked the question.  What would happen if Jonsi and his mates in Sigur Ros made a record with Fela Kuti?  Well, curious readers, you’d get something that sounded like Cloud Castle Lake.

A meek trumpet interlude begins Sync as a fragile, heavenly voice effortlessly joins in, and just like that…we’re well on our way to a satisfactory Sigur Ros track.  Then, straight out of Nigeria, bongos and punchy muted guitars enter from stage left and we’ve got something entirely different.  That androgynous falsetto never ceases, though, carrying the track from start to finish.

They’ve already been compared to a softer version of Atoms for Peace and, while a comparison of that magnitude normally garners unanimous eye rolls among the die-hard Yorkephiles, this band confidently holds their own and marches forward.  I’m already looking forward to a full-length.

The Details

Written & Produced by Cloud Castle Lake
Recorded by Alan Kelly and Brendan Jenkinson
Mixed by Rob Kirwan
Mastered by Alex Wharton at Abbey Road

Ross Turner - drum kit
Rory O'Connor - bass guitar
Daniel McAuley - vocals, backing vocals, percussion, programming
Brendan Jenkinson - guitars, piano, percussion, programming, backing vocals

Price $12

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