RIYL: Frank Zappa, Can

Label: Greenway Records

Indianapolis eccentric Ryan Perkins has been known to incinerate¬†cerebellums during his live show, but he’s taken time out of that endeavor to cut a 45 for all you daring far-outers. ¬†Similar to¬†the madkraut monstrosity known to the world as Can, Chives is able to unearth¬†the groove in his heaping pile of strange. ¬†Beneath the experimental¬†jazz interludes and the hypnotic vocal chant is a damn good bass lick, and that bad boy just might propel you to dance under the right circumstances. ¬†You could call it post punk, you could call it weirdo funk, but for now…I’m just gonna call it Chives. ¬†Check out the first single on Soundcloud HERE.

Per usual, Greenway Records has 100 gourmet copies on ‘bloody bruised’ splatter vinyl for $12, and these will come with an alternative screenprinted cover. ¬†For $8, grab the white vinyl version that’s ¬†limited to 200 copies or just do away with the decision process entirely and grab them both in a bundle. ¬†All of these options await you after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

GWY-020 Family Pearls Edition // Pearl White Vinyl // Limited to 200 Copies - $8

GWY-020 Splatter Edition // Bloody Bruised Splatter Vinyl // Limited to 100 Copies - $12
- ALTERNATE COVER! Spray Painted, Hand-Printed Linocut by cover artist Dan Curran.

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Price $8

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