It’s safe to say that none of the 4 high school talent shows I attended had any performers in the same ballpark of talent as Cherry Glazerr.  Apologies to that guy who sang Garth Brooks’ The Dance my senior year.  You really gave it your all.

Clementine Creevy, vocalist and guitarist for Cherry Glazerr, was born around the time Pinkerton was released.  Let that sink in.  And in that span of time, she and fellow Glazerrs have had a cassette released on Burger Records and been commissioned to score a Saint Laurent Paris fashion show.  The result of that score is Had Ten Dollaz, a swaggerin’, swooning rock groove fit for any runway model on a strict champagne and cocaine diet.

You ready to ravage that catwalk, kid?  Well then, press play and break some hearts.

The Details

Suicide Squeeze Records is pairing up “Had Ten Dollaz” with the equally intoxicating b-side “Nurse Ratched” as a limited edition 7”. The Had Ten Dollaz 7" is limited to 750 copies (250 on fluorescent lemon lime vinyl, 500 on black) and includes a download code. The 7” is available worldwide and is also available digitally.

Price $5.99

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