The sound of Santa Monica returns.  Cayucas teams up with Secretly Canadian for their sophomore release, and it’s going to catapult you out of your cubicle and business casual ensemble and straight into an inner tube with a frozen margarita and your favorite Budweiser swim trucks.

Cayucas combines Paul Simon’s tropical African coastline grooves with the crowd-pleasing chorus lines from French pop juggernauts Phoenix.  Undoubtedly, Cayucas will be lumped in with other Simon contemporaries like Vampire Weekend, but their singalong hooks are worthy enough to stand apart from any scene or sound.  “I Wanna See I Wanna See I Wanna See OHHH!”  Great pop songs are instantly addicting, and if you’re not singing along halfway through Moony Eyed Walrus, check your pulse.

For 26 clams, you’re getting the limited vinyl colorway, a 7″ with an extra b-side, a numbered keychain (let’s hope it has a bottle opener) and a poster.  You’ll be able to use the poster to help plug the hole in your sailboat when the waves come crashing in.

Price $25.99

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