I have loved these guys ever since high school lover came out when they were called Oregon Bike Trails. This all because of the amazing blog Turntable Kitchen turned me onto them last year. I highly suggest you go follow them right now & sign up for their record club.

Anyways…. This band creates songs that can turn any bad day into a beach party filled with sunshine & beach balls. They are obviously full aware of this as they throw in a beach ball with the preorder, genius. I like to think their thinking was “well we can create the amazing beach scene for them, but what happens if they forgot their beach ball? I got it! Let’s throw one in with the pre-order. “

You need this album. These guys will be big and if you miss this pre-order you will be sad. I’ve warned you.

The Details

Shipping for the US is $9

Bigfoot on both vinyl LP (first 100 orders on limited-edition translucent blue vinyl) and compact disc
Cayucas beach ball
17 x 22" glossy poster featuring Bigfoot album art
Digital download code for the album (as .zip file containing 320kbps mp3s), redeemable immediately upon purchase

Price $20

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