Originally, Buddy consisted of a mostly acoustic foundation. But after the release, and high acclaim, of the debut album, Alterations and Repairs, the band aspect evolved off of the energy that ensued. It all came together in 2006 after Buddy was asked to open a show when, at the time, he couldn’t play guitar due to a broken arm. Sometimes bad circumstances really just have means to a brand new beginning. Thoughts then evolved for Buddy, questionably so, from a more singer-songwriter mentality to the crisis of what was to come and what direction should ultimately be traveled forward. For an artist who had developed a direction mostly on his own, the road forward was riddled with uncertainty as the follow-up to Alterations and Repairs was actually dismissed altogether by the end of 2010. Buddy stated that he felt an identity crisis in what came from the long nights of recording that developed his/their sophomore release. As an artist true to the authenticity of his music, he just didn’t feel right. This required a deeper attention and a longer duration of time. After a year of meandering his own thoughts and ideas, he and Will Golden eventually came together to correct all that was wrong. As Buddy stated: “The whole record felt like solid footing right away. It wasn’t anguished over. We just did what we both do. I needed to feel scared and not know where it was going. I had to learn to just let it happen and let it keep unfolding. When you do that, suddenly you have these songs and they all go together.” The result? Last Call For the Quiet Life.

This record features a few guest vocalists to include Michelle Branch, Cary Brothers and Holly Conlan. On top of that, they had the help and support of the legendary Mr. Phil Ek as mixer.

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“The album itself, Last Call For The Quiet Life, reflects Buddy’s struggle and reconciliation with himself over the past few years. For him, the songs are a sort of confessional therapy, a place to channel the issues and ideas that plague his mind.”

The Details

Limited Edition 12" Vinyl
Includes digital pre-order of Last Call for the Quiet Life. You get 1 track now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it's released.
digital album releases 19 August 2014
item ships out within 2 days
edition of 250
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Buddy - Fault Lines (official music video) from Bait&Tackle on Vimeo.

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