I think I’m now entering into life-long Born Ruffians fan status. Each new album I love. I’ve only been able to hear the first single, but I find myself singing it as I walk around the house all day.

I love how their music has stayed as loose and edgy as ever. Get it fellas.

The Details

**The deluxe edition is loaded with unique surprises! We could tell you what makes it so special, but in the internet age there's little mystery left in music and Born Ruffians love surprises. Order the deluxe edition and discover all the hidden treasures when you receive the vinyl on release date! The deluxe edition will be signed by the band, but that's about the only surprise that we can share.

**Deluxe Edition comes with limited edition Born Ruffians slip mat!

Because of the deluxe nature of this package, orders will be shipping after October 2, but a digital download will be available on street date.

Available October 2, 2015. Both Standard and Deluxe LPs will include download card.

The record is RUFF - simultaneously a return to form and a departure from expectations. Songs of refutation, lamentations of forgotten past lives and ecstatic self-erasures that say "eat shit, we did it!". RUFF, as an idea, is everything - sound, message, band. If Birthmarks was polished and presentable, RUFF is the ugly innards that hide beneath.

Price $27

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