RIYL: Generationals, Dr. Dog, Miniature Tigers, The Dodos

Label: Wavy Haze Records

Born Ruffians are back with Juice being released on their own record label, Wavy Haze (with Yep Roc Records). This is their first release on the label and 6th overall. The first single “I Fall In Love Every Night” is a smattering of sexy sax, aggressive drums, and chill 70’s country rock sounds. It’s really fun to listen to and ride the wave of different sounds on the single. Here is a blurb from Landlocked Records:

JUICE, the 6th full-length record from Born Ruffians, is a hyper, earnest, and affecting collection of rock and roll songs, written and polished over a three-year span then sewn together into a cohesive and uniquely enjoyable experience. It’s Born Ruffians—guitarist/vocalist Luke Lalonde, bassist Mitch Derosier, and drummer Steve Hamelin—as they’ve always been: on their own terms, heads against the wind until their work is done.

JUICE suggests a desperate appreciation for the major key melodies and camaraderie that are prompted when your back is against the wall. Heard on their own, each single is a neon bolt of energy and storytelling, but placed alongside and tumbling into one another from start to finish, they’re recontextualized as interlocking pieces in a sweet, punchy puzzle.

The record is a testament to where Born Ruffians have come from, and a bright, bold, pulpy mission statement for the future. However weird and overwhelming things get, Born Ruffians are back to remind us that they’re in this for the long haul.

The Details

First Edition Vinyl LP of JUICE arrives on yellow vinyl + includes a postcard to mail a free download of the album to your friends!

Shipped around April 3, 2020

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Price $20

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