White Denim fans, bend an ear.  Lead vocalist James Petralli of Denim has ventured out into the wild blue to test his solo chops.  Now, news of solo albums can oft bring worry to a band’s core fan base, whether it’s fear of a looming break-up or a drastic change in musical style, but Bop English aims to please.

The Austin-based White Denim has been cranking out blues-flavored indie rock since 2008, but gained a much wider audience in 2013 with their smash single Pretty Green.  Bop English sees Petralli treading into previously unexplored realms ranging from jazz to country, but his distinct knack for writing addicting hooks remains firmly intact.

If you missed out on Dr. Dog frontman Scott McMicken’s recent solo album, perhaps it’s time to redeem yourself.  International shipping will hurt a bit, but you’ll forget that sting as soon as you’re clutching that gorgeous blue and yellow splatter vinyl in your hands.

The Details

Release date: April 13th

Constant Bop is the debut album from Bop English, the recording name of White Denim frontman James Petralli.
These 10 tracks demonstrate timeless songwriting, revisiting everything from Bob Dylan and Jeff Lyne to LL Cool J and Santana for inspiration.

Price $22.54

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