Dan Barrett, one half of the incomparable Connecticut post-punk duo Have A Nice Life, is embarking on a solo venture.  During the time the album was recorded, Dan was incredibly sick, strapped to a heart monitor and face to face with his own mortality, so as you can probably imagine…the music is immense, melancholic and dark.  His ability to create a cocoon-like wall of a sound remained fully intact, thankfully, and if you were one of the many obsessives of Have A Nice Life’s celestial debut album Deathconsciousness, then get excited.  Black Wing sounds like a not-so-distant cousin of his first band, and you will be moved. It’s experi-metal at its most grandiose scale.

You can grab the solid olive variant after the buy link for $15, but the ONLY WAY to get the color-in-color variant for the Black Wing album is to purchase it bundled with the new Heat Dust album HERE.  It’s a win-win, though, because you’ll save on some shipping, you’ll get the rare wax AND you’ll have added Heat Dust to your record shelves, another post-punk essential.  The 2-record bundle will run you $33 plus shipping.  Since the preorder dropped about an hour ago, 2/3 of the bundles have been purchased.

The Details

Pressed on black vinyl, olive green vinyl (limited to 500 copies), and olive green inside cloud 'color-in-color' vinyl (limited to 200 copies and only sold in Black Wing/Heat Dust bundle).

Shipping September 25th!

Price $15

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