RIYL: Beck

..and then there’s this ramshackle. I haven’t even heard about this jack-ass, but apparently he’s some sort of derelict. I heard he was smoking crack, watching MTV with his truckdriving neighbours downstairs. Where it’s at? Lord only knows. Side of the road, probably.  I bet his real name isn’t even Beck. What a loser.

There’s this Limited 2xLP on Red Vinyl cut at 45rpm available for pre-order via the Buy Now-button, and there’s also a few bundles incl some swag available if you check the site. The most limited Deluxe Bundle is way gone, apparently..

Indie-stores should have the Limited Yellow single Vinyl Edition (Bullmooose, Rough Trade etc.)


The Details

Limited Edition Deluxe Vinyl pressed on 2x Red 45 rpm 180g LPs.
Customaizable cover transparency prints.
24 page lyrics art book.

Immediate downloads of Dreams, Wow and Dear Life will be delivered after checkout.

Thanks to Ghost for the tip!

Price $49.99

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