The picture that adorns the cover of Think Tone, Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk’s sophomore LP, is enigmatic. You can see in the bottom left of the picture (bottom right if situated correctly) that this picture was taken on Halloween twenty-one years ago. You don’t know if this is a man or a woman, and it leaves you to wonder why this pink unicorn figure is staring in to the dark. Perhaps it’s just bad lighting, perhaps it’s just a wall (even then why is it staring at a wall?), perhaps this album cover means absolutely nothing – it’s just supposed to draw you in to see what it’s all about. On Think Tone, much of the vocal work is wordless and the production reminds me of Dave Newfeld’s on Broken Social Scene where the vocals and the instruments seem to be treated the same way, with that warm fuzz surrounding the final product. However, Think Tone can flirt with the dark and brooding like on “KGB.” “Let’s Listen to Souvlaki and Make Out” is, obviously, an homage to Slowdive’s seminal 1992 album and the band get extra gaze-y with some of the chord and note choices, instead of just simply making their vocals next to inaudible compared to the instrumental giants a shoegaze song displays. Check out Think Tone via the Spotify player below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Kansas bred, NYC stationed Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk return with their 2nd long player for Fire Talk. Meandering through bursts of noise and slowly swelling beauty these six brand new tracks create the kind of space you're mind can seriously stretch out in. Recoded at the legendary Market Hotel over the course of the past year this collection sees the band's most focused effort to date.
Limited to 200 copies w/ full color double sided dust jacket.

OUT JULY 9th 2013 !

01. What Am I Doing With My Life?
02. Saturday
03. KGB
04. Let's Listen To Souvlaki and Make Out
05. I've Been Thinking A Lot About The Universe
06. Burt

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