I’ve written about Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk a couple of times in the past, here on our humble site, and Kill The Fuzz almost slipped right past me (and perhaps you as well, dearest reader). That title is not a typo – there are only TWENTY of these for sale and the price tag reflects the limited nature of this soon-to-be-released mini album. At the moment, there’s only one track available for our ears by the name of “Zebra Boy” and if I had to throw a dart to describe this, it’d probably land in an alternate reality where Panda Bear went to the beach, or went for a long car ride in a vibrant valley with some buddies, and then went straight to the studio afterward. Is this a slight against Baby Birds? Not at all. I like what I’m hearing and perhaps when this drops, we might get to hear more of this. Listen to “Zebra Boy” below via the BandCamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk return with a brand new Mini Album ! Recorded at the Silent Barn in Brooklyn, NY a mere month ago and marking the first BBDDM recordings in a proper studio. A fuller richer BBDDM is to be expected, layers upon layers, the good shit. Welcome back Baby Birds !

* Limited to 20 copies 10 Inch Lathe Cut w/ Hand made artwork by Baby Birds.

Price $21.99

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