RIYL: Beirut

Label: Loma Vista

I whistle all the time. Part of this is because I didn’t use to be able to whistle at all and then one day I read an interview with Andrew Bird. The interviewer asked him if he whistles nonstop and he said, “Constantly, event when I’m eating.” I took that advice to heart, and I am always amazed when someone recognizes the tune that I am whistling(often it’s John Cena’s theme music), because I honestly think of myself as a subpar whistler. “You could tell that’s what song I was whistling??” I respond excitedly.

I am a much better record collector than I am a whistler. And let me just tell you that Andrew Bird is back, and this album features Fiona motherfucking Apple and friggin Blake Mills!

The box set includes a book, the deluxe version of the album, a 7″ and a 10″ that is exclusive to the box. Get it. Get it now while the getting is good.

The Details


Are You Serious – Andrew Bird Store Exclusive Box Set

– Artwork: John Baldessari

– Custom made box

– Includes exclusive deluxe LP folding sleeve package

– Exclusive 10” “Are We Not Burning? The Devolution of Capsized” as well as deluxe LP and “Shoulder Mountain” 7”

– 64 page 12“x12” full color booklet with John Baldessari art representing each track

– 7×3 bumper sticker

– Series of pre-order instant gratification tracks as MP3 downloads, starting with “Capsized” immediately

Track List:

12” Side A

Roma Fade
Truth Lies Low
Chemical Switches

12” Side B

Left Handed Kisses
Are You Serious
Saints Preservus
The New Saint Jude
Valleys Of The Young

10” Side A

Trimmed and Burning
Venetian Bedmaker
Dying Beds

10” Side B

Jackson Bedmaker
Capsized – Sound City Version

7” Side A

Shoulder Mountain

7” Side B



This item is a pre-order item with an intended release date of Apr 1st, 2016. Your order will ship on or before this date, but due to plant delivery times, this date may change. If you'd like other items to deliver sooner, please make two separate orders.*

Price $100

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