Yeah, this one’s an oldie – this beauty came out over ten years ago. Shockingly, the one thousand copies pressed for Getting Into Sinking still have some unclaimed but because it’s so old, Polyvinyl has given it a 70% price cut for this Black Friday so it’s down to only $3.60. AM/FM had an incredibly short lifespan with all of their material being released between 1999 and 2002. Their last release was an EP that was supposed to be a part of their third full-length album but the duo broke up before even finishing that. It’s quite a shame because all of their material was quite solid but alas, they were lost to the sands of the early 2000s… come to think of it, a lot of great stuff came out of that time period… Anyhow, Getting Into Sinking has good old indie rock bursting at the seams, with Brian Sokel’s songwriting and soft (and at times, Sam Prekop-esque) voice anchoring everything down tight. Check out Getting Into Sinking below via the Spotify player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

In March 2001, Philadelphia's AM/FM's debut full-length Mutilate Us was met with instant critical acclaim. After touring through 2001 with bands ranging from Cinerama to Rainer Maria to Cave-In, AM/FM released Getting Into Sinking, a record on which they continued to display their incredible range of influences.

As the title may suggest, Getting Into Sinking is a murkier, smokier affair than previous recordings. Progressing over the course of 40 minutes, AM/FM slowly drift into softer and more exquisite sounds.

Release Date: Oct 16, 2001
Press Quotes
"AM/FM succeeds by playing Flaming Lips to its own Modest Mouse." CMJ
"Getting Into Sinking is altogether more confident in its experimentation, more cohesive in its execution, and more concerted in its impact on the listener." All Music Guide
"An album engineered for springtime, where the increasing temperatures and longer daytimes make even the hardest heart vulnerable to an innocently catchy song's viral attack." Pitchfork
"The hummed background vocal parts, the quietly strummed acoustic guitars, and the uncommonly liquid-like lead guitar lines all form together to concoct an emotionally satisfying brand of pop that melts into your ears." PopMatters
"Fans through a range of musical influences wide enough to rival the record collection of any rock-critic dork." DIW
"A head bopping, toe-tapping collection of post indie rock confessions, complete with brushed guitar, a face full of tears and more maturity than you've found on a rock record in ages." Resonance

Price $3.6

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