RIYL: Owen, Cap'n Jazz, Modern Baseball, Cursive, Joan of Arc

Label: Polyvinyl Records

As American Football’s first album turns 20 this year, we are graced with a release of the earliest known recordings from the band, pressed on clear vinyl, through polyvinyl records. This is a one time pressing, so grab it while you can. It’s currently sold out on their website, there are 13 remaining on bandcamp, and who knows how many left on polyvinyl. It’s only 4 instrumental songs, but this is a pre-seminal vinyl all American Football enthusiasts want to have in their collection. It’s well priced and shipping is a flat rate. Enjoy.

“American Football was never intended to be a real band,” guitarist Steve Holmes writes in the liner notes for Year One Demos. “The band was our creative outlet, and gave us something to do outside of schoolwork.”

1. Five Silent Miles (Demo) (4:18)
2. Song #1 / Song #2 (Demo) (6:41)
3. The Summer Ends (Demo) (4:47)
4. For Sure (Demo) (4:01)

The Details

Vinyl 12"EP + Digital

One time pressing, limited to 2000.
Earliest recordings of the band.
Liner notes by Steve Holmes.

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Price $15

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