The second collaboration between Shawn Lee and AM continues the vibe started on 2011’s Celestial Electric: moody space funk & solid inter-stellar electro-grooves. No word on color or exact quantity but “very limited” speaks for itself, so Shawn Lee fans might want to grab one before they disappear into space.

The Details

Let us welcome you to the latest sun-filled, space funk masterwork by AM & Shawn Lee: La Musique Numerique (French for Digital Music).

AM & Shawn Lee bring us their second full length LP which blends early digital technology with decade blurring songwriting transporting listeners deeper into the sonic crates from which the music was born. However these out-sound influences aren't plugged into a computer program and spit out through modern day micro technology. The instruments are played, the vocals are sung and the songs are written, proving an even stronger connection to the past.

La Musique Numerique's interstellar journey takes you in and out of faded memories of disco, funk, soul and reggae but never sets foot on any of these planets; never colonizes one style. It is, in effect, pure AM & Shawn Lee.

Price $25

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