RIYL: MF DOOM, Madvillain, King Geedorah, Quasimoto

Label: Get On Down

Let this sink in. Daniel Dumile, within 15 months, released Take Me To Your Leader as King Geedorah, Vaudeville Villain as Viktor Vaughn, Madvillainy as Madvillain alongside Madlib and MM Food as MF Doom. Essentially, a creative streak that rivals The Stones and The Beatles at their peaks. That ain’t hyperbole either. This era of Dumile’s life rebirthed hip hop as a concept album, burned it to the ground and rebuilt it again. ALL CAPS.

Vaudeville Villain often gets overlooked in the wake of Madvillainy and MM Food, but among his evergrowing fanbase, it’s just as much of an essential as any of his greatest. A bit more experimental in nature but still impossibly catchy and chalk full of bangers, Vaudeville showed off Viktor Vaughn’s skills as a wordsmith and an ‘outside the box’ creative in the hip hop community. The title track is just pure f-ing genius, from the beat to the hilarious lyrical accompaniment. Who else could rhyme ‘Rob Reiner’ with ‘knob shiner’? If you don’t have this record in your collection, don’t let this one pass you by. Past reissues go for bonkers prices on the secondary market.

As of this post, just over 800 copies are left and they are going fast. There’s no way this lasts for another 24 hours. You’ve been warned.

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