Middle Eastern influences have been slowly breaking in to the western world of music, if not outright manifesting in the form of artists (Omar Souleyman and Jerusalem in my Heart, for example). Viktor Marek & Ashraf Sharif Khan craft experimental tunes with the sitar as a locus point. To call this “world music” would simply be too easy and it wouldn’t be revealing all of the elements that Marek and Sharif Khan have to offer. For one track, they bring on Sensational, a Brooklyn rapper and producer that hails from WordSound and the results are grimy. For the B-Side, electronic duo Demdike Stare take Marek and Sharif Khan’s work in to the kitchen to cook “crystal dubmeth out of it all,” as Experimedia so aptly puts it. Let us not forget the cover as a selling point – a mix between a toy poodle and an elephant with a look of pure bliss. Check out a preview of these songs below via the Soundcloud stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Ladies & gentlemen: PUDEL PRODUCTS strike back again! Legendary sitar-player ASHRAF SHARIF KHAN with crazy Dubstep-Beats from VIKTOR MAREK (8Doogymoto, Kings Of Dubrock etc.). One track features SENSATIONAL of Word Sound and crooklyn fame. On the b-side you can listen to DEMDIKE STARE (Modern Love) cooking some crystal dubmeth out of it all. Cover by Alex Solman (CIA/MFOC). Limited to 500 units. White Vinyl. Vinyl only! Happy X-Mas!

Price $14

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