DJ Rashad and his fellow Teklife Ghetto Teknitianz exploded back in 2013 with the release of his album Double Cup. One could arguably say that that album really lit the fire under everyone’s rear, outside of Chicago/the underground, to really give an ear to juke. A combination of hip-hop and house (also called ghetto house), juke/footwork reminds us how many elements each genre have in common. With loops of simple lines/phrases such as “I’ll be ratchet,” “get buck,” “burn that kush,” etc., along with the chopped and repetitive nature of all the synths/drum machines, juke/footwork really lends itself to being compared to the stuff of rituals. Juke/footwork also has its own dance style, which is amazing to watch – I’d recommend looking up some footwork battles on YouTube. You can tell each of the dancers just get caught in a trance when they listen to this. Sadly, as you may have heard, Rashad passed away unexpectedly last year due to an overdose so this album is in dedication to him. All proceeds go towards Rashad’s kin. Listen to Next Life below via the Spotify player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

The world of electronic music lost a true great in 2014 in the shape of DJ Rashad, the Chicago-based footwork pioneer who died tragically young at the age of 34. His Teklife crew have teamed up with Hyperdub, who released his essential 2013 album Double Cup, for an expansive compilation in his honour. The 20-track CD draws together friends and contemporaries from across the globe, starting with his local allies and collaborators like DJ Spinn and Taso, as well as DJ Earl and DJ Taye, as well as featuring global contemporaries such as the Berlin-based DJ Paypal and Serbia's Feloneezy and Jackie Dagger.

All proceeds from the album go to DJ Rashad's family.

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