An awesome downtempo hip-hop collaboration project from Denver, CO. Really cool stuff going on here, all hand screen printed art, numbered & limited quantity.

Take a listen I think you’ll enjoy, I did.

The Details

The debut single from Those Shadow People on 7" vinyl includes a 30 page comic book by Phil Buck and Erik Turner

NMTD-0002 has been a long time in the making. Those Shadow People have been writing, recording and collaborating on tracks for nearly two years. Now for the first time their music is being released. A group that started as a secret side-project has now blossomed into a collaboration of massive proportions, spanning genres and great distances. A mysterious bunch, these musicians are spread far and wide across the United States. The majority of their collaborations with each other occur over the Internet. September marks the release of the debut single from Those Shadow People in combination with a companion comic book

The comic book, written by Phil Buck and illustrated by Erik Turner, gives us our first glimpse into the shadow realm through the eyes of Sarah Saber. Sarah's father is a physicist researching dark matter and dark energy. When he turns up missing, Sarah goes in search of him and gets attacked by minions from the shadow realm.

Compositions by Tim Santos, Phil Buck;
Lyrics by Phil Buck, Jimmy Catchings, Christopher Williams;

Recorded by Tim Santos at Studio-T in Denver, CO;
Dan Emery at Black Matter Studios in Nashville, TN;
Chris Nicotera at CNote Sound in New Orleans, LA;
Robert Williams at the Knugg Tribe Studios in Santa Rosa, CA;

Mixed by Tim Santos;
Mastered for vinyl by Frank Reynolds;

Tim Santos - keys, guitar, vocals, flute
Phil Buck - vocals, bass, breath
Zach Matthews - drums
Rameau Velez - synth bass, pad synth
Matt Nigro - percussion
Chris Nicotera - guitar
Jimmy Catchings - flows
Christopher Williams - flows
Supporting vocals: Nick Monks, Natalie Hogan, Bekah Williams, Leigh Buck, Darcy Barrett

Price $10

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