Daniel Lopatin’s Software label welcomes Louisiana producer James Prudhomme to the roster with the EP Remembrance. He made this album between Florida and Louisiana last year and it’s a reflection on letting the South he loves so much go. The muddy yellow water you see in that square looks like the water of pretty much any lake you can find or the swamp lands both states are notorious for. His combination of hard hitting trap music with ambient proves to be a memorable mixture. I’m not sure if the second track on here is in reference to Lopatin or if the hints of Oneohtrix Point Never are coincidental. Nevertheless, Prudhomme’s made something that slices through the air like a knife through warm butter. [adult swim] if you’re reading this, feel free to reach out to Prudhomme to use some of these songs on your bumps. Check out the Spotify stream of Remembrance below and see what you think of it. Cheers!


The Details

Remembrance is the Software Recording Co. debut from Baton Rouge’s Suicideyear (born James Prudhomme). Written and produced between Florida and Louisiana during the summer and fall of 2013, Remembrance recalls those southern U.S. landscapes and Prudhomme’s experiences across eight songs equally intimate, intoxicating and mercurial.

Prudhomme wrote Remembrance while reflecting on themes of love and loss against the backdrop of the deep American south he calls home. “Remembrance deals with letting go,” Prudhomme explains. “The name stems from my attempt to accept the loss and difficulty of the past year without dwelling, instead trying to move on.”

James’ experiences of reflection and resolution led to the vivid, emotionally charged production that makes up Remembrance. Alive with an idiosyncratic sense of melodic space, his repertoire eschews a topical palette for a personal aesthetic that offers a visceral love letter to abstraction. Prudhomme references both forms we know to exist (“Caroline”, “U S” and “When You Sleep”) and speculates on how they can be newly realized (“I Don’t Care About Death Because I Smoke” and “Hope Building A”).

Remembrance proves a mature turn for Prudhomme without discounting his wisdom – and experience – already beyond his years. His obsessive focus on construction, attention to detail and elusive self-reflection is embodied in a music devoid of language. That it speaks so clearly tells us its the real thing.

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