RIYL: J Dilla, Madlib, Oh No, Dam-Funk

Label: Stones Throw Records

2016 marks the 20th anniversary for Stones Throw Records, arguably one of the most influential labels in the entire music industry.  Where would hip hop be today without albums like J Dilla’s Donuts or Madlib & MF Doom’s Madvillainy collaboration?  These weren’t just underground hip hop albums…they changed the mentality of ‘the producer’, pushed the boundaries of ‘the bar’ and encouraged crate-diggers all over the globe to continue their search for the perfect beat.

Stones Throw embraces an incredibly eclectic catalog, from the soulful Aloe Blacc to the soft psych grooves of Mild High Club, and 2017 will certainly not slow down.  Their vinyl subscription service will cover every single release for the year including new albums, classic reissues, singles and box sets.  It’s safe to say your $250 will be well spent.  You can sign up all the way through December and then it’s closed.  Check out the first release from the subscription below, an unreleased banger from Jaylib back in 2002!

The Details

One year subscription for all Stones Throw vinyl releases January 1 – December 31, 2017, shipped as soon as we receive them. This includes albums, EPs, 45s, box sets, and special edition reissues. Flat rate shipping cost is listed below. This offer is only valid through Dec. 2016.

How many records are in the subscription?
We don't know the exact number of records we'll release in 2017. Over the last four years we’ve had an average of 16 vinyl releases per year, including albums, EP’s, singles, and box sets. We currently have five albums and one 12-inch single schedule for the first quarter of 2017.

When will new records be delivered?
We aim to ship subscribers vinyl as soon as we have records from our pressing plant. In some cases this may be before the official release date. In other cases, vinyl is manufactured and released after street date.

Are digital downloads included?
The subscription is for vinyl only – no digital, tapes or CDs. Most of our full-length vinyl releases come with digital download cards.

What vinyl is included in the subscription?
All new Stones Throw Records releases – albums, singles, 45s, box sets – plus any special edition reissues. The subscription does not include releases by other labels, or back catalog.

Price $250

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