Starfucker, remember those guys? (and by remember I mean like three weeks ago when they released their 4th album). Well there seems to be a limited edition 7″ on clear green vinyl that slipped through the cracks last year. I am guessing mainly because it’s hard to find on Polyvinyl’s site. The only way I found it was because I googled Champagne Champagne to see if they had any limited vinyl coming out.

Who is Champagne Champagne? Well, they are a Hip-Hop duo (Pearl Dragon + Sir Thomas Grey) plus a very energetic DJ (DJ Gajamagic) straight outta Seattle who have more stage presence than an exploding sun. They toured with Starfucker in 2011 and damn, were they an awesome opener. I got to meet them after the show and turns out, they are really cool dudes too.

So, yeah, if you love Starfucker and good underground Hip-Hop, this split is for you.

The Details

After touring together during the 2011 Reptilians tour, STRFKR and Champagne Champagne wanted to commemorate their time on the road together with a split 7".

The A-side features STRFKR's "Dragon Queens" which became a crowd favorite during the band's Spring 2011 tour in support of their last album, Reptilians. A different version of "Dragon Queens" will be featured on the upcoming STRFKR full-length, slated for release in early 2012

The B-side is the Champagne Champagne original "I Fell Through." Champagne Champagne features two MCs along with their producer Mark Gajadhar (of Blood Brothers, Past Lives). Champagne Champagne is also currently working on a new full-length.

Both songs are exclusive to the 7”.

Price $5

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